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Except for prodrugs, stability of drug candidates in plasma is essential for a good pharmacokinetic profile and in vivo efficacy. Fortunately, most compounds are stable in plasma. For pharmaceutical development, the most relevant enzymes in plasma are proteases and esterases. Therefore, compounds with functional groups susceptible to hydrolysis, including esters, amides, lactones, lactams, carbamides, sulfonamides and peptide mimetics, should be screened for plasma stability. In vitro plasma stability data is also critical for reliable interpretation of the bioanalytical results of samples from pharmacokinetics, metabolism, pharmacology and toxicology studies. Overall, the plasma stability of a drug can have very important pharmacokinetic and clinical significance in vivo.

Drumetix provides plasma stability assay in human and various animal species, e.g., monkey, dog, rat, and mouse. LC-MS/MS is used to measure parent compound disappearance after incubation. Either percent remaining (2 points: 0 and 1 hr) or half-life (6 points: 0, 15, 30, 60, and 120 min.) can be determined.

Propoxycaine is used as a control in our plasma stability assay.